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One of the primary advantages of living at 135 Willow is how close all of the major necessities of large city living are. Foremost on the list is the convergence of all major subway lines, most of which are accessible from multiple locations.

Montague Street

Montague Street hosts most of the neighborhood’s businesses—restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies, and the like—, and the local general post office shares nearby Cadman Plaza with the Brooklyn–based State and Federal courthouses. (Very handy when called for jury duty!)

Cadman Plaza

The area also is home to many synagogues and churches, some of which have a special place in history. The Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, for example, was a stop on the Underground Railroad, and Abraham Lincoln gave a speech from its pulpit prior to the Presidential election of 1860.

Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims

And Willow Street is one block East of the Brooklyn Esplanade (more commonly known as the Prommenade), which overlooks the evolving Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Esplanade
Google Map showing 135 Willow location